We are looking to have several great developers join our team over here at Touch Lab.  We have a couple big projects coming up, and a few smaller startup apps, so we need to add some people to the team.

What’s it like working here?

We work out of New Work City (http://nwc.co/).  It is a co-working space in downtown manhattan.  Being in a co-working space means you get to meet people from all over the startup universe.  Its been great for networking, and you don’t get that “closed in” feeling other small companies can generate.

NWC has some nice perks.

– Full-wall HD projector. We do movie nights, game nights (just got a Wii U). That kind of thing.

– Nap area, if needed.

– New kitchen with double-kegerator.


We really don’t work extra hours, but the kind of person that would like it here probably codes for fun in the off hours.  For those interested, we may start doing short hack nights for charities, micro startups, or work on some of our own ideas.  The situation is pretty flexible.

We’re big on learning and career/skill advancement.  The goal is to be the best Android shop around.  To get there, we need to work together to learn best practices, tools, and new ideas.  Starting in 2013, Friday afternoons will be mostly presentations and code share (leading into happy hour right in the kitchen ;).

We’re heavily involved in community events, including meetups, hackathons, and events.  Some examples:


The short summary, at Touch Lab you get to work on great projects, meet great people, and learn how great mobile is built.  Get in touch: info@touchlab.co