Innovation Services

In 2020, your customers’ #1 purchase criteria is a world-class mobile experience.

We’ll help you deliver that.


Mobile Innovation Services

In 2020, your customers’ #1 purchase criteria is a world-class mobile experience.

We’ll help you deliver that.


Introducing our Newest Service:

The Touchlab Refactory

A new incremental refactoring service enabled by Kotlin Multiplatform.
Better code – Better test coverage – Better architecture

Touchlab Services

Whether you need a mobile app or an android face to your IoT device, we do it all. We have great in-house talent as well as some of the best technical connections in the industry.

Multiplatform Mobile Development

Over the last decade, we’ve collaborated with our partners to build mobile products to change the way medical research is done, help Canada (and the rest of the world) order their coffee & donuts faster, change the way New Yorkers and Londoners interact with their city, and so much more. In the next decade, we look forward to working with you to help you build the future.

Mobile Innovation Audit

Decision making is a risky proposition for an engineering leader. We’ll help you mitigate some of that risk by building a view of your existing products, staff, and processes and helping you understand it in the context of the larger mobile engineering community.

Multiplatform Change Management

Mobile engineers often deeply identify with their chosen platform (iOS, Android, Web) and implementing a transformative plan to move your organization into the post-platform future brings unique challenges. We can help you implement a successful transformation.

Product Design & Definition

We’ve worked with some partners to build their very first mobile product ever and we’ve worked with some to completely reinvent their product for a new platform, a new user base, or a new profit goal. If you want to create something amazing, get in touch.

Our Approach

With years of mobile experience, we come to the table with some very strong opinions. However, our guiding principle is that each organization is unique and innovation is contextual. Our first job is to listen and understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.


Our experts help you understand your organization and products, make important decisions and reduce the risk in your decision making processes.


Our team partners with yours to ship code faster and more efficiently, while helping to reduce tech debt and future risk


Our experience and processes boxed up, customized for your needs and delivered to your team by our team.

Our Experience

Bold innovation should always be balanced by the pragmatism of experience. Adaptable, agile, precise and light-speed mobile app development is in our DNA.

Want to learn more?

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