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We’re trusted to build and improve existing Android mobile apps by our innovative client partners, which include Mirror, SeatGeek, Betterment, Quovo and Thrive Global.

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Case Studies for Touchlab | Android app development company (Kotlin certified) 
Here’s a snapshot of our best Kotlin development partnerships: 


Mirror device: Java to Kotlin migration while implementing new features and fixes.

Android companion app: new features, fixes, and refactoring for Android architecture best practices to build for both Android and iOS in the same time as just developing the Android version

Mirror company website


Android design services, bug fixes and dev enhancements to be featured on Play Store and bring rating from 2.6 to 4.5, 76% increase in monthly active users, while increasing adoption (more installs, fewer uninstalls).

Thrive Global case study


Additional feature design & dev, bug fixes and support for launch of V2. Android prototype design & dev for potential new flagship product. Quovo subsequently acquired by Plaid, then Visa. 

Quovo company website


Updated legacy library usage to modern equivalents (Parcelize, SqlDelight, Rx2) 

SeatGeek company website 

Touchlab is certified by


for Android development and by


for Kotlin training and development

JetBrains Certifiction

Google Certification

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Why chose an Android app development company (Kotlin certified) for your next project?

Let’s take a look at why modern mobile organizations uses Kotlin for Android mobile app development. 


Kotlin is a Modern Language for Android

By May 2019, Google announced that Android app development would become increasingly “Kotlin-first”.

It’s a modern programming language with excellent developer tooling; every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA has been designed to maximize developer productivity. 

And it’s very popular. Chew on these stats by Dice Insights:

– Based on JetBrains 2019 survey data (7,000 respondents), 62% of Kotlin developers use it for mobile app development

– 66% say they use it to target Android, versus 57 percent who say they target Java Virtual Machine. 

Android is driving Kotlin adoption. 


Adios Null References 

A major advantage Kotlin has over Java is the null references. 

Accessing a member of a null reference result in a null reference exception. This major drawback of Java is referred to as a NullPointException or NPE. 

Kotlin’s type system aims to eliminate NPE from code. How? 

Simple, in Kotlin, null is illegal for standard types. So you get to avoid this dreaded ‘Null Pointer Exception’ error.


Respected technology analyst, O’Reilly writes about Kotlin’s prospects in 2020, “Expect to see Kotlin continue its impressive growth—and not just in Android.”

Source: O’Reilly Media – “Where programming languages are headed in 2020″


Smart Companies Like Kotlin

Join the ranks of leading companies using Kotlin for Android development!

Kotlin adoption is on the rise. Here’s a short list of companies currently using Kotlin for Android development: 

– Google
– Amazon
– Netflix
– Pinterest
– Uber
– Foursquare
– Capital One
– Touchlab (obviously!) 



Shorter Programming

Kotlin is a statically-typed language, which makes it easier to read and write.

Why we love Kotlin for Android development:

– the code for the same problem is much simpler and shorter (fewer chances of both runtime and compile time error)

– increased human readability makes debugging a simpler process

– Kotlin’s code is much smaller and streamlines the development process (this party because of Kotlin’s slick IDE)


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