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Static Application Reference

I’m a bit of a stickler for passing Context around methods rather than keeping a handle on the context in object fields and whatnot.  There are some obvious reasons, like being careful about memory leaks and whatnot.  I feel...

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App Data Encryption

We’re working on an app that requires local data to be encrypted.  Till now, the solution has been using the username/password combo to be the ultimate source of the encryption key (I’ll spare you the process of going from u/p...

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Data Synchronization

I haven’t been blogging much.  I suffer from what we’ve termed the “Great American Post Syndrome” (GAPS).  That is, every blog post needs to be the best piece of technical literature ever written, so you actually never post...

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Announcing Wejit!

This is a rough draft post.  Will update in a bit, but wanted to get this out asap… Today we’re putting Wejit into public beta.  What’s a Wejit?  A Wejit is a widget you can put on your Android phone’s home screen.  Pictures go...

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Offline Syncing

I will prep this post by saying the obvious to anybody who’s had to do it.  Offline operation with data syncing is difficult.  By order of difficulty, apps and data generally go like this: 1) Offline only.  No server...

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Training: SQLite

A little intro.  The path of Android feels a lot like the path of web, rolled back about 10 years.  When the web first rolled up, databases were weird, clunky, proprietary, and expensive.  Most web apps would try to use files,...

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