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The goal of the KaMP Kit is to facilitate your evaluation of Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP). It is a collection of code and tools designed to get you started quickly.


The KMP ecosystem has generated a lot of excitement, and has evolved very rapidly. As a result, there’s a lot of old or conflicting documentation, blog posts, tutorials, etc. We, Touchlab, have worked with several teams looking at KMP, and have found that the primary stumbling block is simply getting started.

What’s in KaMP Kit?

Kit Support

If you’d like to troubleshoot or ask questions related to KaMP Kit, first request to join the JetBrains Kotlinlang Slack and then search and join the “kampkit-support” channel.

See you in Slack! 

The starter App

A native mobile KMP app with a small functional feature set.

Educational Resources

Introductory information on KMP and Kotlin/Native.

Integration Information

If you’re integrating shared code into an existing application, guides to assist with that effort.

KaMP Kit by Touchlab is designed to get you past that primary stumbling block. You should be able to set up your development environment, clone the repo, and have a running sample app very quickly. From there, you can focus on what you want to build.

KaMP Kit


“…was able to build and run both platforms with no issues and fast build times.”

Tyler Turnbull
Mobile, The Walt Disney Company

Wow great work! I was able to open the iOS project as well after I ran the build command. I still have to wrap my head around the whole idea but very NICE!

Angel Rodriguez
Mobile, Watsco

KaMP Kit


Kevin Galligan


Sam Hill

Engineering Manager

Kevin Schildhorn

Multiplatform Engineer

Ben Whitley

Multiplatform Engineer

Russell Wolf

Multiplatform Engineer

KaMP Kit is just the Beginning

Our hope is that after KaMP Kit you’ll have a better sense of what a possible KMP implementation might look like. 

Register for our upcoming webinar, “Next Steps with Kotlin Multiplatform” and learn how other orgs are implementing KMP. You’ll also have the chance to ask questions and troubleshoot with us! 

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