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Kotlin is the standard in Android, but we also develop native iOS and Android apps with Kotlin Multiplatform. 

As an early pioneer and contributor to the Kotlin ecosystem, we advise companies on why Kotlin is the best bet for complete tech stack. 


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Kotlin Consulting Services (NYC)

Kotlin is the new hotness in Android development, but we also develop native iOS and Android apps with Kotlin multiplatform.

As an early pioneer and contributor to Kotlin, we advise companies on why Kotlin is the best bet for complete tech stack.

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Why Kotlin?

Less Risk, True Native Multiplatform, Future-Proof…and Ready to Work – Right Now 

The goal of a good technical investment is to create efficient, safe product iteration while avoiding cul-de-sac technology choices.

Being able to train and deploy team members across various specialties, rather than having highly siloed teams, will be very beneficial to any healthy organization.

Kotlin allows less code, in a technologically compatible manner, while staying on the leading edge of language features and technological capabilities. It is built and designed by the industry leader in tooling, so the developer experience is first rate, as is the excitement around it and the community.

One of the most valuable features of Kotlin is the way in which it integrates into existing tech, rather than mandating and imposing. It’s a risk-free way to code because it dovetails seamlessly with Java – a modern language that enables you to build on what you’ve already coded, without re-working or re-inventing what you already have. You can run iOS through Kotlin, and it will work.

You do not need to make Big Decisions to get started.

You can even migrate existing functionality, both client and server side. Prepare for the future with flexible best practice architecture, while reducing debt, in concurrently running environments.


 History with Kotlin

We Identified a Trend – Mobile Platform Convergence

Mobile platforms (Android & iOS) are similar “underneath the hood” and building the same product three different times for each mobile platform and web is waste. The future of mobile belongs to teams who practice multiplatform mobile development. Read more

We Defined Mobile Orientated Architecture (MOA)

Taking web ideas and putting them into mobile is the wrong direction. MOA means applying the same code base, using mobile-tested architectural techniques, to deliver whatever client you’d like. This is the foundation of multiplatform mobile development. Read more

We Built a Code Sharing Product – Doppl

The dream. Two native apps, zero tax, with maximum shared logic. Our code sharing product Doppl was built to address one of the fundamental rules of coding, DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself. Read more

The Future of Shared Code is Kotlin Multiplatform

We sunset our code sharing product and threw our weight behind Kotlin Multiplatform. In this article we explore why Kotlin has the most potential to be the future of multiplatform mobile development. Read more

The Case for Kotlin: Risk-Free, Multiplatform, Future-Friendly, Ready to Work Now

Kotlin is your best bet on your complete tech stack. More important, it’s a low-risk way to code because it dovetails seamlessly with the native platforms on Java, iOS, and the web. Read more

We Released a Kotlin Multiplatform App

Fun fact. Our original Droidcon NYC app was where we first tried Kotlin, way back in 2014. For 2018, we have come full circle and ported the whole thing to Kotlin Multiplatform. Read more

We Solved Difficult Things with Kotlin Multiplatform Threading

To build a reasonably functional multiplatform implementation, understanding threads is critical. The Kotlin/Native design and the way threads are intended to be used is quite different than what we’re used to in Java land. Read more

We Solved Difficult Things with Kotlin Multiplatform + SQLite Pt1 + Pt 2

The list of things critically necessary for shared mobile architecture would be networking, threading, something reactive, properties, SQL,testing, logging. We think Kotlin Multiplatform needs a “driver level” SQLite implementation. Read more + Pt 2

We Released a Kotlin Multiplatform Library

Stately is a collection of structures and utilities designed to facilitate Kotlin/Native and multiplatform concurrency. As of today, it is a set of expect/actual definitions that most apps will wind up needing, and a set of frozen, sharable collection classes that allow you to maintain mutable collections across threads. Read more

Google Certification

Only 20 US agencies are certified by Google. We are proud to be one of them.

Recent Mobile Work

Pizza Hut: Innovating on Mobile Ordering

For the second March Madness in a row, Touchlab partnered with creative agency droga5 to remind America how easy it is to order from Pizza Hut. We were the mobile innovation partner on a very fun build with great partners. In year one, 64 pairs of these...

Jane Goodall Institute: Mobile Innovation for Tracking Deforestation

When the Jane Goodall Institute approached us to build their first mobile app, Forest Watcher, we were more than excited. We had the opportunity to build something with a lasting impact on communities suffering from deforestation and non-profits battling to make a...

Our Approach to Kotlin  Consulting


1. Listen

With years of mobile experience, we come to the table with some very strong opinions. However, the guiding principle at Touchlab is that each organization is unique and innovation is contextual, especially given the changing landscape of mobile. Our first job is to listen and understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

2. Assess

Through listening, we start to assess what a good Kotlin solution could look like. As a frequent contributor to the Kotlin community, we’re always updated on the latest applications of Kotlin to accelerate mobile innovation.

3. Recommend

Only after a thorough understanding of your vision, processes, practices and goals do we recommend solutions leveraging our deep Kotlin expertise. As one of the only teams pioneering Koitlin/Native, we’re uniquely positioned to help clients build next-generation mobile apps.

4. Build

Bold innovation should always be balanced by the pragmatism of experience. Adaptable, agile, precise and fast – execution is in our DNA.

Our Android Development Roots

The roots of Android and Touchlab started before Android had its first phone. From our first commercial client in 2010, Touchlab mobile engineering has been at the vanguard of “modern mobile”. Starting with porting the first popular SQLite library for Android in 2010, OrmLite, Touchlab engineering has contributed significantly to best practice thinking, open source libraries, and the community at large.

Touchlab is the organizer of NYC’s largest Android Meetup.

Check out 4,000+ strong New York Android Developers Meetup, Droidcon NYC

What does Touchlab do day in and out?

Make great apps. If you need a mobile app, or you need an Android face on your IoT device, that is what we do. We have great in-house talent, as well as some of the best technical connections in the industry, so we can find the right experts to make whatever you need. Our track record speaks for itself.

Modern Mobile Development

What about the future?

Platforms are converging. We’re not talking about “cross-platform” or shoehorning web tech onto mobile. This is leading edge shared, tested logic and architecture. Touchlab R&D is focused on catalyzing the adoption of Kotlin Multiplatform technology. We’re bridging years of experience building shared mobile architecture and tools on J2ojbc, with Jetbrain’s state-of-the-art language and deployment technologies. We released one of the first 3rd party open source libraries for Kotlin Native, and were one of the first teams to publish Kotlin apps to the iOS app store. This is just the beginning and we have much more coming soon. We are focused on high-efficiency, platform agnostic, tested architecture for the front end, as well as vertical microservice based architecture for the back end. In the future, everything is mobile. Web or native. Development teams and best practices should be able to scale.

This is what Touchlab engineering does, and what Modern Mobile Development means.

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