Mobile Innovation for Hospitality

Hospitality, at its best, embodies the ultimate customer-first battleground


Hospitality, at its best, embodies the ultimate customer-first battleground, with potential for a 360 degree approach to customer experience, turning positive anecdotes into compelling shared narratives.

However, the increased upstream pressure from OTAs and downstream pressure from traveler marketplaces like AirBnB has scorched the earth in the fight for customer ownership and insight. Hospitality must seize upon their unique access to on-premises experiences, but this can only happen via continuous improvement in practice and measurement.

Mobile innovation is the central capability necessary to capture guest intent and deliver joy in the modern era.  To be customer first implies your hospitality organization is mobile first. Today’s guest demands instant gratification via service in their hand, from check-in/check-out, to door keys, to business and concierge services. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Building impactful mobile journeys requires experimentation to discover the best bespoke fit between guest and your services.


Has your leadership team questioned any of the following:

  • Where do we stand compared to other hospitality companies in mobile innovation?
  • Is our mobile application development practice customer-oriented enough?
  • Can we accelerate our multiplatform development process to increase our success?



Touchlab is deep at work on Mobile Innovation for Hospitality White Paper addressing the core issues affecting accelerated mobile success in the industry.  We’ve researched and organized the top mobile experiences for iOS and Android in hospitality across multiple factors including:

  • Current market state
  • Customer engagement
  • Multiplatform capabilities
  • Accelerated development capability
  • Organizational management
  • Customer journey auditing
  • Mobile technology
  • Future opportunities
  • Recommendations


We are creating the definitive benchmarking paper focused on the top mobile applications in hospitality. Further, Touchlab is committed to updating it all on an ongoing basis with both implicit research from various sources and explicit research from industry insiders.

At Touchlab, we understand that embracing mobile-first as an effort to be customer-first involves cultural change for hospitality organizations. Often, companies can get lost amidst the conflicting opinions and motivations both internally and externally. Knowing where your organization is on the spectrum of mobile innovation is a critical alignment for seizing the opportunity to deliver the value and delight the modern customer guest demands. Touchlab offers a suite of mobile innovation services to assess where your company is and track you toward not only the best mobile practices of today, but also the “next” practices defining tomorrow’s innovation.


Auditing & Benchmarking: Measure twice, cut once.  

Ironically, as the world of mobile technology becomes more complex, customers demand greater simplicity via individual, personalized solutions. Navigating these contrasting forces requires having both an understanding of your technology and customer journeys, past present and future. If “you can’t improve what you can’t measure,” knowing where your organization lies on the mobile innovation continuum is a critical initial step.

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Mobile-First Change Management

Organize your team to be adaptable and agile in a mobile-first world. Achieve outsized returns on investment by reorienting your organization around your customers’ first – and often only – point of contact, mobile devices.

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Mobile Innovation Advisory & Design

Improve your mobile capabilities via a roadmap of “next” practices necessary for transformative growth. Our strategy, product, design and engineering experts partner with your existing team to design a holistic and integrated strategy for each functional mobile area.

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Multiplatform Mobile Development

Delivery of mobile applications and experiences through partnered execution. With a bias toward action, delivery and iteration, we embed our proven team of engineers, designers and product managers with yours to build scalable multiplatform mobile solutions with impact. Independent of platform (Android, iOS, Web) or multiplatform methodology (Kotlin Native, React Native, Doppl Open Source Code Sharing), we achieve verifiable accelerated results.

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