NY Android Developers Meetup

Kevin’s been a co-organizer of the New York Android Developers meetup since 2011 and became the main organizer in 2013. We brought Olivia in to organize and energize the meetup and we’re very proud of the results: 56% growth! We will continue to invest in our community, now reaching more than 3,900 members. 

Our monthly meetup, hosted at different tech companies in NYC, focuses on Android technical topics. We invite experts from NYC (and beyond) to share their scariest bugs, hardest lessons learned, and best practices for beginners and senior developers alike.

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June meetup
Navigating your UI, Liam Spradlin
Clean App Design with Architecture Components, Chuck Greb

May meetup
Practical Networking with RxJava, by Stephen D’Amico
Conductor: A Pragmatic Approach to Building Reusable Views, by Yousuf Haque

April meetup
ExoPlayer 2.0, by Kyle Venn
Brushing Up on Lint, by John Rodriguez

March meetup
Realm for Android, by Tom Wilson
Moving Mountains: The Art of Changing Large Software Systems in Place, by Jason Sendros-Keshka 

February meetup
The Taming of Camera2, by Matt Davis
How to become a well-rounded developer, by Andrew Orobator

January meetup
Offline Mode on Android, by Hendri
Custom Annotations in Android, by Igor Brishkoski
Fingerprint Auth in Action, by Ben Oberkfell 


November meetup
Testable Android Architecture (Part 2), by Chuck Greb
Mobile Platform Independent Architecture, by Dan Leonardis

October meetup
Let’s convert the I/O Sched app to Kotlin, by Brent Watson
Practical GraphQL for Android, by Kevin Schultz

September: The Road to Droidcon
Know Your User: Using Firebase Analytics for Audience Tracking & Targeting, by Nitya Narasimhan
Analyzing Scroll Performance, by Eric Leong
Radical RecyclerView, by Lisa Wray
doppl: Android-centric Cross Platform, by Kevin Galligan

August meetup
Realm, by Donn Felker
Smoke and Mirrors in Android, by Israel Camacho

July Summer Rooftop Bash 
Using the Octopus framework, by Jeff Hu
LinkNYC: Building a platform for NYC, by Blake Arnold and Justin Taylor
How Instagram’s client infrastructure has evolved, by Kang Zhang

June meetup
Kotlin 101 by Daniel Nizri
The Immutables Library by Brian Plummer
Backend Drive UIs by Diego Capelo

May meetup 
Android on the Desktop by Mark Murphy
What It’s Like to Use a Mutative Interface by Liam Spradlin

April Meetupception
Managing background tasks with steroids by Edison Wang
Managing data synchronization with RxJava by Larry Ng
Creating PaperCraft for Android Wear by Matthew Lim and Jeff Lee
Demos: DATENYC by Rashad Cureton. The Kwon Player by Michael Kwon

March: Android Experiments & AutoValue Extensions
Android Experiments by Richard The, Roman Nurik & Anthony Tripaldi
Physical Simulation In Android Apps: Animate with Physics! by John Watkinson  
Google Play Services by Sam Hill
AutoValue Extensions by Jake Wharton 

February meetup at American Express
The Simple Art of Creating Gradle Plugins by Annyce Davis
Using Android’s Sync Framework by Ben Oberkfell
Data Binding by Lisa Wray

January meetup at WeWork  
A deep dive on the design support library by Igor Brishkoski
The art of debugging by Lisa Neigut


December meetup at Jun Group
Threading the Needle by David Wood
Presto — developing with gesture by Sumeet Thadani
Meet Project Phoebe: A moonshot concept for mutative design by Liam Spradlin

November meetup at American Express
Understanding rxjava by Trevor John
Taming Hardware Inputs with RxAndroid by Alex Matchneer

October meetup at Facebook
More about databases and ORMs than you wanted to know about by Kevin Galligan
How We Approach Internationalization at Meetup by Michael Castleman
How do we show all this stuff by Liam Spradlin
Sympli: Collaboration for Designers and Developers by Max Ignatyev

Droidcon NYC 2015!

July meetup at SoundCloud
Building Performant UIs by Brian Plummer
Your brand in a material world by Liam Spradlin

June meetup at Grubhub
Async Android by Jamie McDonald
The Road to 60FPS by Jason Sendros

May: A joint meetup with NYC-GDG
Offline maps by Apoorv Kothari
Do I really have to watch that video? by Chris Doyle

Bringing Droidcon Montreal to NYC
Artfully embedded Android by Lisa Neigut
No bars, no problem: always on and available mobile apps by William Hoang
Android and devices: From BLE to VR by Dario Laverde

Almost all Kevins
Developing with motion in mind by Kevin Grant
Working with ORMs by Kevin Coughlin
Building Maintainable Android Apps by Kevin Schultz
OpenGL Basic on Android by Eric Leong
Hiccup, an open source library by Zack Parness


Testing and Android bugs

Lollipop is here!

Droidcon NYC 2014

What’s new in Android L

Spring meetups: Mark Murphy and Ray Ryan

Android and design

Android and Devices

New Years Resolutions


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