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Touchlab regularly organizes and presents at software conferences. The first video is an intro to Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile talk at Øredev’19. The second video is recap from a JetBrains invitation to speak at KotlinConf ’19. 

We designed a Kotlin Multiplatform starter project that gets you running on Android & iOS quickly. Register and receive KaMP Kit today!

Introducing our Newest Service

The Touchlab Refactory

A new incremental refactoring service enabled by Kotlin Multiplatform.
Better code – Better test coverage – Better architecture

We also build native Android & iOS apps,

but we’re reimagining mobile app development with Kotlin Multiplatform


Kotlin Multiplatform mobile app development experts, Touchlab helps your mobile engineering team ship features faster, increase efficiency, and future-proof your products and processes.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile App Development

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Android & iOS Native App Development

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We’ve helped our client partners solve difficult mobile software challenges for over 9 years

Touchlab is certified by JetBrains for Kotlin Training

We are proud to be one of the mobile development agencies certified by both Google and JetBrains.

Over 9 years of mobile engineering and design excellence have earned us the honor of being one of the few multiplatform mobile app development agencies certified by Google and JetBrains in US. Our team is made up of designers, engineers and product managers that have experience building successful mobile products. We use this experience to accelerate our clients' successes.

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