Introducing The Touchlab Refactory

Incremental mobile code refactoring powered by Kotlin Multiplatform.

Better code – Better test coverage – Better architecture

Better code – Better test coverage – Better architecture






What is mobile code refactoring
with Kotlin Multiplatform? 

Kevin answers questions about The Touchlab Refactory, a new approach to mobile code refactoring for Engineering Managers. 

You and your Organization

Engineering Managers, we have good news.

The pressure’s always on.

You have goals to increase test coverage, improve your architecture, and reduce duplicated work, but the priority is always on what the business needs right nowAnd when it comes to mobile code refactoring for the future versus new feature development, sometimes you and the org don’t see eye-to-eye.

The good news is that now you can start on that important work, in an incremental and low-risk way, without slowing down your team’s release velocity. 

The Touchlab Refactory Explained

Dedicated logistics team.
Fixed cost.
Future-proofed for multiplatform.

The Touchlab Refactory deploys a dedicated mobile code logistics team to perform an architectural review, refactor code, and provide a detailed roadmap for future development in Kotlin Multiplatform.

In 8 – 12 weeks, we work on a separate track from your core development team, with minimal impact to your development workflow. Focusing on one feature or architectural layer at a time, we incrementally refactor your existing mobile code in Kotlin Multiplatform, enabling you to redeploy code to iOS or Android now or in the future.

This is a fixed-cost, fixed-time engagement with a predefined scope of tasks that include consolidation across code bases, improvements to architecture, and increased test coverage to help ensure better performance. The outcome — healthier, optimized mobile code that can accelerate future development projects.

The Touchlab Refactory process

No large-scale rewrites. No workflow disruptions.



Audit Current States

Understand Business Goals

Understand Engineering Goals


Dependency Mapping

Risk Analysis

Task Generation


Test Coverage

Architecture Effectiveness

Code Sharing


Technical Documentation

Outcome Report


Why the Touchlab Refactory?

Lots of reasons. Here are seven:

1. Incremental Refactoring

Performed one feature or architectural layer at a time to minimize your commitment and risk.

2. Defined Timeframe

Performed one feature or architectural layer at a time to minimize your commitment and risk.

3. Separate Work Track, Dedicated Team

KMP preps mobile teams for code sharing

4. More Testing, Less Time

Writing tests for iOS and Android is time-consuming. With Kotlin Multiplatform, tests are written once, so more tests can be done.

5. Improved Architecture

Divergence between mobile platforms places stress on architecture. With Kotlin Multiplatform, we help simplify mobile architecture.

6. Less Duplication

We reduce duplicative engineering while preparing your teams for more code sharing.

7. We are the Kotlin Experts

Touchlab has a proven track record of success with Kotlin Multiplatform engagements

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