Mobile-First Change Management

Mobile change agents.

Touchlab’s Mobile-First Change Management service organizes your team to be adaptable and agile in a mobile-first world. We use the insights from our Mobile Innovation Audit and Mobile Innovation Score™ to analyze the structural and cultural ways your team can implement and improve an on – mobile-first mandate. Achieve outsized returns on investment by reorienting the human capital in your organization around customers’ first – and often only – point of contact, mobile devices.

We know that mobile-first change is hard, hence we take great care to introduce gradual transitions where your team can execute and improve while minimizing cultural unrest. You can’t ignore momentum, but you should be wary of entrenchment, especially when operational excellence is the goal. By understanding the vision and mission of your company, we can find authentic connections so your team can own the change process.

People > process.

Bottom line, your people have to not only hear the change, but also believe in change and advocate for it on your company’s behalf. Empower them to embrace how mobile-first is the path toward your collective future. Our approach is adaptable to your unique situation in mobile. We look at your talent strategy and organizational design around mobile to determine how best to build and align for sustainable behavioral change in mobile-first thinking. Touchlab goes beyond any classical approach with a deeper vertical focus on mobile education across all job functions – leadership, business owners, design, product, engineering, QA and network operations. To ignore the human factor, and your team’s base desire to improve themselves and stay relevant in a fast changing world, you ignore the entire problem with change. People matter.

Innovative outcomes begin with transformative initiatives. We can help you manage through change with proven integrated strategies and practices to achieve mobile-first success in an uncertain business landscape.

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