Mobile Innovation Advisory & Design

The power of product.

Of the 5+ million apps across both major app stores, what distinguishes the top performing ones from the majority? You know, the apps we all know and love that top the charts constantly that customers can’t help but advocate.

Here’s a hint: It’s not engineering alone.

The best apps all sit above the intersection of product market fit and engagement, where utility meets organic discovery.  This type of success is architected from the beginning by analyzing the business model, the product, and the marketing strategy in an equal and integrated fashion. If your app isn’t built to attract users and doesn’t elicit measurable joy in the ones it does retain, your product is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Ouch!

Our Mobile Innovation Advisory and Design services guide enterprise companies through tough decisions regarding mobile strategy and design, exploring which engagement, retention and conversion metrics and tactics matter most, improving the critical onboarding user journey from app store optimization through the funnel to measurable customer joy. With our deep knowledge of mobile next practices, we can reverse-engineer analogous app experiences in the market to get similar or even better results. Our service institutes a product and design sprint pipeline with your team’s stakeholders to realize issues early and iterate quickly via Agile across the full execution path, not just engineering.

Designed to win.

If your organization still believes “if we build it, they will come” with respect to mobile apps in 2018, you need to stop watching Field of Dreams and instead see another movie, Reality Bites. The truth is that most apps are doomed to fail from the beginning. Success isn’t magic and doesn’t just happen, it is constructed with precision. With a bias toward action through data-driven decisions, Touchlab is your trusted top-down product advisory and execution partner.

Mobile Innovation Advisory & Design System Workshop

Workshop is miniature version of the full Mobile Innovation Advisory & Design service offering.

Format: 1-Day Workshop

Design System Topics:

  • Design Systems 101 
  • Building Systems
  • Component Design
  • Design System Management & Governance
  • Building the Team & Adoption
  • Design System Collaboration & Revision



Who Should Attend:

  • Product Designers & Leadership
  • Developers & Engineering Managers
  • Customer Experience
  • Quality Assurance


  • Accelerated Design System education
  • Team preparation for building Design Systems
  • Templates to reduce waste and increase cycles on new UX, algorithms and biz logic
  • Hiring recommendations
  • Process change management to institutionalize change
  • Design Systems business and technology outcomes

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