Mobile Innovation Audit

Mobile Innovation Audit: measure twice, cut once.

Ironically, as the world of mobile technology becomes more complex, customers demand greater simplicity via individual, personalized solutions. Navigating these contrasting forces requires having both an understanding of your technology and customer journeys, past present and future. If “you can’t improve what you can’t measure,” knowing where your organization lies on the mobile innovation continuum is a critical initial step.

We’ve developed and tested an audit service to determine your organization’s alignment with and performance of best, next and even wrecked mobile innovation practices. We take into account every aspect of your mobile organization, broken down across two categories, structural integrity or Potential Innovation and actual results or Kinetic Innovation.

Potential Innovation: Evaluate how your mobile organization is structured by platform target (web, Android, iOS), software development process (waterfall, agile, XP, Kanban, etc.), testing/deployment discipline, and application target complexity (business logic, architecture, customer utility, etc.). Given your goals, how well are you aligned for success?

Kinetic Innovation: Evaluate actualized returns via historical build records, burndown charts, sprint velocities, error commonalities, backlog management and predictive capacity (probability that your teams gets done what they say they could get done within the time allotted).  Given your historical performance, how well does your team realize the expected returns in practice?


Mobile Innovation Score™

Potential and Kinetic Innovation are combined into a blended Mobile Innovation Score™ representing the weighted combination of all factors on the innovation spectrum. Each score includes both a measure of innovation from 1 to 5 and a vintage used to identify the year (e.g. 4.2 2018). Vintage matters as it qualifies how quickly mobile innovation changes year-over-year. For example, a 4.5 in 2016 would be a lower score in 2017 and even lower in 2018, all capabilities held equal across the years.


Assess and improve.

Touchlab’s Mobile Innovation Audit and Mobile Innovation Score™ are the comprehensive first step to enable your company to assess capabilities and manage accelerated change with precision and confidence.

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