Mobile Innovation Design

…an enterprise-friendly and pragmatic approach to mobile innovation. We understand that enterprises can’t and don’t want to start from scratch. We call upon our proven experience building world-class tech products for startups and our rich understanding of enterprises to infuse innovation at large companies.

Technology and innovation leaders face tough questions in their mobile-first journey. Is the organization equipped to deliver on innovation? What is the talent mix? Are they the right people? What are the goals? Where is the organization falling short?


Three Use Cases for Mobile Innovation Design

1. Mobile-First by 20XX

You’re a CTO or CIO and your CEO mandates the organization be mobile-first by 2020. Where do you start? What’s your roadmap? Quarterly, yearly plan to hit your target? Touchlab partners with C-Suite business technology leaders to…

-Establish Baselines

-Co-Create Mobile-First Roadmap

-Accelerate Timelines (embedded on-site engineers and product managers)

-Reduce Engineering Risk and Technical Debt

-Future-Proof Software through Code-Sharing

-Audit Code and Teams


2. Product Launch

Releasing new product is scary. All the shortcuts your engineers took to meet deadlines are now on full display for the world to experience. Will your product hold up in the wild? Touchlab partners with enterprise application development teams to audit launch risks and implement quick and efficient solutions to ensure successful launch. At the same time, we train engineers on how to avoid those mistakes in the future. Better product and better engineers. Win win.

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3. Innovation

Enterprise Innovation Teams are growing in popularity.They’re tasked with understanding how new products, new tech and new platforms impact existing business and future innovation opportunities.

As a Google-certified mobile agency, Touchlab has built product for the world’s most successful startups using cutting-edge technology and platforms including for Android, iOS, IoT, AR, VR, AI, Machine Learning, Code-Sharing, etc. We call upon our startup experience to innovate on behalf of enterprises.

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