Multiplatform Mobile Development

Our Multiplatform Mobile Development History

The roots of Android and Touchlab started before Android had its first phone. From our first commercial client in 2010, Touchlab mobile engineering has been at the vanguard of “modern mobile”. Starting with porting the first popular SQLite library for Android in 2010, OrmLite, Touchlab engineering has contributed significantly to best practice thinking, open source libraries, and the community at large.

Touchlab Android Meetup

Touchlab is the organizer of NYC’s largest Android Meetup.

Check out 4,000+ strong New York Android Developers Meetup, Droidcon NYC


What does Touchlab do day in and out?

Make great apps. If you need a mobile app, or you need an Android face on your IoT device, that is what we do. We have great in-house talent, as well as some of the best technical connections in the industry, so we can find the right experts to make whatever you need. Our track record speaks for itself.

Modern Mobile Development

What about the future?

Platforms are converging. We’re not talking about “cross-platform” or shoehorning web tech onto mobile. This is leading edge shared, tested logic and architecture. Touchlab R&D is focused on catalyzing the adoption of Kotlin Multiplatform technology. We’re bridging years of experience building shared mobile architecture and tools on J2ojbc, with Jetbrain’s state-of-the-art language and deployment technologies.

Articles on Multiplatform De-risking Mobile Future

Touchlab & Square Collaborating on Kotlin Multiplatform

My professional career started in college with Java 1.0. I started working during the bright Write-Once-Run-Anywhere...

The Case for Kotlin: Risk-Free, Cross-Platform, Future-Friendly… and Ready to Work – Right Now

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Future of Shared Code = Kotlin Multiplatform

If you’ve been following our development of Doppl for the last couple years, we’ve built a Gradle toolset for J2objc, an...
We released one of the first 3rd party open source libraries for Kotlin Native, and were one of the first teams to publish Kotlin apps to the iOS app store. This is just the beginning and we have much more coming soon. We are focused on high-efficiency, platform agnostic, tested architecture for the front end, as well as vertical microservice based architecture for the back end. In the future, everything is mobile. Web or native. Development teams and best practices should be able to scale. This is what Touchlab engineering does, and what Modern Mobile Development means.

Our Approach


Smart work with “next” practices.

Anyone can build an app, but today’s expectations for unified Android, iOS and Web app solutions could not be greater or more elusive. Though the rewards sound good in theory, the actual options are daunting and the complexity is vast, with hidden costs everywhere. Having a viable multiplatform mobile development approach that navigates these pitfalls is essential for any accelerated mobile innovation practice.

But “viable” multiplatform means it must fit your team structure, capabilities, customers and goals.

At Touchlab, we live in the multiplatform space, recognizing that although every client’s customer is available via mobile, the various platform considerations are vast in a joint-deployment world. We cover the gamut of services across platforms and methodologies to partner with and enhance your team: Platform: Android, iOS & Web  Multiplatform Methodology: Kotlin Native and Doppl Code Sharing

Engineering thought leadership.

Touchlab is a company of passionate mobile folks across disciplines, but our history lies most in embracing mobile engineering culture.

  • We create engineering communities. As the creator of .droidconNYC and NYC’s largest Android and Kotlin Meetups, we have a rich history of organization, engagement and giving back to the greater developer community.
  • We’re validated. Only 30 agencies are certified by Google. We are proud that Touchlab is one of the first, and have partnered with Google on client engagements numerous times over the past eight years.
  • We are multiplatform thought leaders. Via keynote speaking engagements, international panel discussions, white papers, frameworks like out Mobile Oriented Architecture and open source projects like our DOPPL Code Sharing, we are recognized as a firm that combines a clear vision of the future with the power of exceptional execution today.


Build with confidence.

Touchlab can not only guide your company through the complexity of engineering outstanding multiplatform mobile solutions, but also bring our full suite of mobile expertise, community outreach, and thought leadership to ensure the success of every enterprise engagement.


Multiplatform Development Workshop

Workshop is miniature version of the full Multiplatform Development service offering.

Format: 1-Day Workshop

Multiplatform Development Topics:

  • Importance of multiplatform development
  • Multiplatform Development as a MOAT
  • Impact Analysis: case study comparing development tracks
  • Common misconceptions
  • Competitive multiplatform landscape: yesterday, today & tomorrow
  • The case for Kotlin Native
  • Risk management: future proof your multiplatform practice

Who Should Attend:

  • CTO
  • VP, Mobile Engineering & Architecture
  • iOS & Android Platform Leads
  • Innnovation Teams & Leaders


  • Understand why multiplatform development is the future of mobile
  • Explain how total cost of ownership changes under multiplatform
  • Define the methodologies of each of today’s multiplatform approaches
  • Recognize the benefits and challenges of adopting a multiplatform practice
  • Unmatched Kotlin Native expertise
  • Business and techology outcomes for multiplatform
  • Access to multiplatform community

Interested in Multiplatform Mobile Development