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Summer bash at Button’s rooftop

A few hours before our meetup’s summer rooftop bash, it started pouring torrentially. We were worried – meetup members even commented on our page and asked, “Sooo about that rooftop…” Luckily, the Android gods smiled down on us and cleared the skies just in time for our July meetup at Button. Our members were treated to sliders, copious amounts of wine and beer, and pizza from the awesome Button team. We also had Android tech talks from Uber, Instagram and LinkNYC. 

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June Meetup: Kotlin 101, Immutables Library, & Backend Driven Native UIs

June was an exciting month for us! Our June meetup hit a record number of attendees, and our meetup has over 3,500+ members now. Thanks to everyone who came out and those who continue to support this community every month. Our June meetup talks were comprised of very targeted presentations. We hope everyone left with new tidbits of knowledge as we code onwards.

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May Meetup: Android on the Desktop (yes, he went there) + Mutative Design Updates

We wouldn’t be a very good Android meetup if we didn’t invite Mark Murphy of Commonsware to speak. Mark is known for answering tons of questions and helping the Android community on StackOverflow. He’s also an incredible public speaker, cracking jokes and interjecting sarcastic remarks into his presentations. We were lucky to have him at our May meetup, hosted and sponsored by American Express.

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8 tips for building a badass offline app

This is Part 3 of 3 in a series on Offline Connectivity. Read Part 1: No Connection? Big Problem Read Part 2: Offline functionality is a no brainer (and how Twitter dropped the ball) ———————————————————————————————————— Most...

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