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August meetup: Realm, and Smoke & Mirrors in Android

For August, we returned to the lovely, very cushiony auditorium of our August sponsor, The American Express Company. It’s a bit of a walk over to the west side, but that didn’t stop the 116+ members who came out. (Did it help that the World Trade Center is a lured PokemonGo stop??)

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Summer bash at Button’s rooftop

A few hours before our meetup’s summer rooftop bash, it started pouring torrentially. We were worried – meetup members even commented on our page and asked, “Sooo about that rooftop…” Luckily, the Android gods smiled down on us and cleared the skies just in time for our July meetup at Button. Our members were treated to sliders, copious amounts of wine and beer, and pizza from the awesome Button team. We also had Android tech talks from Uber, Instagram and LinkNYC. 

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