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Unplugged Day ?

Finally pulled the trigger for real today.  My long running cell number is transferring to Google Voice as I type. It is not all perfection in the land of VOIP.  That is for sure.  I will almost certainly make important business...

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Participatory Design

I am pretty sure I’m never going to be done organizing my apartment.  Until I somehow frame this as productive exercise rather than some kind of opportunity cost, its always far down on the list of priorities.  My brain does a...

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Unplugged Day 2

I played around with VOIP on phones last night.  Turns out its painful to find the info, then surprisingly simple once the ball gets rolling. One does not just simply “install” Google Voice.  You can install it, but you also...

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Saw the excellent post on The Verge today about how the biggest thing holding back phone innovation is the carriers.  Its a concept I’ve agreed with for some time, but that article goes into much more detail, and really...

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Basic Android Testing

I wouldn’t really call this a “blog post” as much as a quick set of instructions for basic testing.  I need to share them with somebody, so why not everybody? Goals If you’re testing an app, how do you get the developer the info...

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