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Unplugged Day ?

Finally pulled the trigger for real today.  My long running cell number is transferring to Google Voice as I type. It is not all perfection in the land of VOIP.  That is for sure.  I will almost certainly make important business...

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Participatory Design

I am pretty sure I’m never going to be done organizing my apartment.  Until I somehow frame this as productive exercise rather than some kind of opportunity cost, its always far down on the list of priorities.  My brain does a...

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Unplugged Day 2

I played around with VOIP on phones last night.  Turns out its painful to find the info, then surprisingly simple once the ball gets rolling. One does not just simply “install” Google Voice.  You can install it, but you also...

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Saw the excellent post on The Verge today about how the biggest thing holding back phone innovation is the carriers.  Its a concept I’ve agreed with for some time, but that article goes into much more detail, and really...

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Basic Android Testing

I wouldn’t really call this a “blog post” as much as a quick set of instructions for basic testing.  I need to share them with somebody, so why not everybody? Goals If you’re testing an app, how do you get the developer the info...

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Android Sync Bus

On several projects we’ve needed the ability to sync stuff offline.  We’ve tried a number of approaches, and eventually wound up building a call bus service.

The basic idea behind the sync call bus is you post a command to the service, it adds it to a queue, and attempts to process the command.  The bus keeps commands in order, processes them one at a time, and will persist the command to be run later if the system can’t handle the command now, generally because you don’t have a network connection.

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Future Open Source Projects

Here at touchlab we’ve been deep underground building some really awesome products. This is great for business, but its put on hold some of our open source release aspirations. We have a couple open source projects in the works, but since both need some polish before they can see the light of day, and since we have limited time and resources, I thought I’d post a little about both and see if we get any requests to speed one or the other along.

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Touch Track! Issue Reporting platform for Android.

We’ve been banging away on client apps for the last few months, and during that time slowing pulling together a testing framework that should significantly help app developers building complex client/server apps in the field.  As those client apps wound down, we tossed a little paint on the front, did some private-invite iterations, and bam!  Touch Track!

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Play Framework

It’s been a week with the play framework. The summary? Play comes from France. The differences from frameworks I’ve used in the past are very significant, and frankly, it feels like I’m driving on the wrong side of the road. Some video comparisons are in order, from the most detailed European cultural guide we have.

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Android Mini Commons

Apologies in advance if I’m breaking the license or whatever. I really like Apache Commons stuff, specifically Lang and IO. They really help with strings, moving stuff around, etc. However, most of this stuff is designed for use on servers or where you don’t care about bloat.

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