Welcome to the Touchlab Faktory

The tooling your team needs to succeed with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

Build solutions – iOS dev experience – Team efficiency

Build solutions – iOS dev experience – Team efficiency






What is the Touchlab Faktory?

As the leading solution providers helping teams succeed with KMM, we’re taking our experience and building tools to help the community continue to grow and succeed. Beginning Q1 2023, all of our open-source and publicly available tooling will be accessible here.

To apply for access to our emerging tooling, you must be a Touchlab Insider.

Xcode-Kotlin Plugin with CLI

The xcode-kotlin plugin allows debugging of Kotlin code running in an iOS application, directly from Xcode.

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KaMP Kit

This is how devs get started with KMM, designed to get you past that primary stumbling block. You should be able to set up your development environment, clone the repo, and have a running sample app very quickly.

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KMMBridge for Teams

This set of build tools allows mobile teams to successfully publish shared code faster than ever with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

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