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Peloton is a giant in the NYC tech community (2019 valuation: $4bn). Like all unicorns, hockey-stick growth creates technical debt and stretches internal engineering resources to capacity. We audited Peloton’s mobile code and advised their engineering leadership on optimization opportunities. 

Mobile Innovation Audit
Product Design & Development

Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington and Thrive Global are using technology to help us have a better relationship with our phones. Google recommended Touchlab when Thrive was searching for a mobile innovation partner to improve its portfolio. In less than two months, our process lifted Thrive’s Google Play Store Rating to 4.4 stars, produced 80k downloads and a 76% increase in MAUs.

Mobile Innovation Audit
Mobile Architecture & UX Redesign

Webinar Series

Interested in learning more about Touchlab’s recent Kotlin Multiplatform research? Check out the beginning of our webinar series:

Jane Goodall

Google connected us to the Jane Goodall Institute when they needed to build their first ever mobile product. To help them understand where to start, we kicked off with a design sprint. Working with the local stakeholders in Uganda (virtually and in-person), we built a solution that made their jobs safer and more effective than maps and notebooks.

Product Design & Development

Pizza Hut

For the second March Madness in a row, Touchlab partnered with creative agency Droga5 to remind America how easy it is to order from Pizza Hut (from their sneakers). We were the mobile innovation experts on a very fun build with great partners.

Multiplatform Product Design & Development


Already popular on iOS, ClassPass wanted to bring its experience to Android. In collaboration with ClassPass’ product team, Touchlab reimagined their experience focusing on modular designs that communicated clearly to users on both platforms.


Mobile Innovation Audit

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