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Webinar recording and slides now available.

The future of mobile development is shared code. We believe it’s possible for platform-specific engineers (Android or iOS) to become generalist mobile developers and deliver to both platforms. However, multiplatform or “cross-platform” solutions of the past over promised and under delivered.

You’ll be guided through:
– why we don’t use the term “cross-platform” anymore
– future of multiplatform is native
– framework for evaluation multiplatform solutions
– compare and contrast Kotlin Multiplatform, React Native, Flutter and Xamarin
– the case for Kotlin Multiplatform 

Keynote speaker:

Justin Mancinelli

Director of Project Strategy

Justin helps dev and product teams navigate the waters of mobile app development and is an expert at integrating them into larger technical, customer, and business ecosystems. He has been building software and managing agile software teams since 2011.

Justin loves New York (especially the MTA) but has lived all over the world, including Australia and Japan. 

Contributing Speakers:

Kevin Galligan


Sam Hill

Engineering Manager

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