Mobile Innovation Services

Customer-first strategies and solutions in a mobile-first world. We have a portfolio of services to cover the spectrum of enterprise mobile innovation needs. No matter where your team begins, Touchlab has a framework to accelerate the discovery and delivery of customer joy. 

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Our Approach

Touchlab offers a suite of mobile innovation services to assess, benchmark, optimize and accelerate how enterprises deliver value to their customers. No matter where your organization lies today, we have a path toward improvement via strategic adoption of next practices in mobile. We operate using four simple rules:

1. Listen

With years of mobile experience, we come to the table with some very strong opinions. However, the guiding principle at Touchlab is that each organization is unique and innovation is contextual, especially given the changing landscape of mobile. Our first job is to listen and understand where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

2. Assess

We use a proven process to assess your organization’s mobile innovation readiness across both Potential and Kinetic innovation factors to gain a deeper understanding of your unique capabilities against current benchmarks. These factors are combined into a bespoke Mobile Innovation Score™ representing our comprehensive evaluation.

3. Recommend

Only after a thorough understanding of your vision, processes, practices and goals do we recommend solutions leveraging our deep expertise. Our guidance is given through the lens of where you are in comparison to your peers and competition to provide an achievable path toward a forseeable future.

4. Build

Bold innovation should always be balanced by the pragmatism of experience. Adaptable, agile, precise and fast – execution is in our DNA.


Mobile Innovation Audit

Understand your current mobile innovation capabilities via a deep assessment by our team of cross-functional experts. We utilize both quantitative and qualitative factors to assign a Mobile Innovation Score™ to your organization

Mobile-First Change Management

Organize your team to be adaptable and agile in a mobile-first world. Achieve outsized returns on investment by reorienting your organization around your customers’ first – and often only – point of contact, mobile devices.

Mobile Innovation Advisory & Design

Improve your mobile capabilities via a roadmap of “next” practices necessary for transformative growth. Our strategy, product, design and engineering experts partner with your existing team to design a holistic and integrated strategy for each functional mobile area.

Multiplatform Mobile Development

Modern Mobile Development: Delivery of mobile applications and experiences through partnered execution. With a bias toward action, delivery and iteration, we embed our proven team of engineers, designers and product managers with yours to build scalable mobile solutions with impact. We integrate modern scalable development practices, along with industry leading technology, to achieve verifiable accelerated results.