· 1 min read Posted by Kevin Galligan

Android Mini Commons

Apologies in advance if I’m breaking the license or whatever. I really like Apache Commons stuff, specifically Lang and IO. They really help with strings, moving stuff around, etc. However, most of this stuff is designed for use on servers or where you don’t care about bloat.

If you use something like proguard to minimize the generated class/dex files, this may be a non-issue. However, I did it anyway. I went through the lang and io commons code, ripped out a whole bunch of it, and have produced jars that are roughly 1/3 or less of their original sizes. Lang went from a little over 300K to 111K, and IO went from 160K to 52K. Not changing the world, but it helps.

Including jar and sources here. When I get some time, I’ll either post to github, or yank everything down because I’m doing something illegal. We’ll see.

Zip file: commons.zip