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Attention Computer Science Students!

Ahh, it’s getting warmer out… No, that doesn’t mean you should be breathing a sigh of relief because the semester is almost over, you should be getting pumped to start your summer internship. What!? You don’t have one?! Have no fear, I still have high hopes for you.

Larger companies usually start their internship scouting pretty early, almost a year  to six months in advance, so you may have missed out on those. In the future, be on the look out for job fairs on your campus at the beginning of the semester. Also, find out if your school has a place where they let students know about job and internship opportunities. Internships at bigger companies tend to be competitive and selective, so good luck if that’s the path you choose!

But if you’re incredibly trendy, like I obviously am, then you want an internship with an exciting, up-and-coming startup (or just a smaller company)! Startups are no longer the underdogs; smaller companies have their advantages. They’re a great learning opportunity. Now, I know you’re saying to yourself, “Izzy, I’m so jealous! Where can I find one of these dreamy internships?” There are a couple of websites that were a big help to me in my quest for an exciting internship: CraigslistStartuply, and StartupHire.

Found one (or a couple) that caught your eye? Contact them! But before you do, if you plan to send an email with your resume attached, make sure you’ve prepared a short paragraph or two about yourself and why you’d be an awesome addition to their company. Make sure to be cordial and professional. Want to make a lasting impression? A great professor of mine suggested making my own personal webpage to give companies an idea of my interests and personality. It’s also a great way to show off what you’ve worked on.

When your interview day has arrived, dress to impress. No wrinkles or stains and tuck that shirt in! You can come in wearing casual clothes after you get the internship. Be friendly and energetic; make them want you! Sharpen your interview skills and make sure you’re confident, but not cocky.

Best of luck!