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HTML5 Revisited

Back in my original blast of HTML5 as an app environment, one of the things I pointed out is that WebOS was built on HTML5, and that seemed to work out fine for everybody (technically.  Business, not so much).

It looks like somebody is taking the obvious yet possibly brilliant step of porting the application framework from which apps were built to the masses.

Introducing Enyo.  Its a many-platform port of the WebOS app framework.

I have not tried this out yet, and I’m not sure it won’t suffer from the strange compatibility quirks apparent in HTML5 on mobile, but its instantly the most interesting of the frameworks.  To me, anyway.

At some point in the near future, we’ll have to give it a shot.  I don’t really expect the fundamental problems to have been resolved, but I’m forever hopeful.  I had a crush on Phonegap, until we got knee deep in a project.  I’ve developed another instant crush on Enyo, even without seeing it.  Lets hope this one ends better.