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We're Hiring a Part-time Event Coordinator!

We’re looking for a smart, friendly, and organized leader type who is passionate about New York’s tech scene. Apply online today.

photo by Robert Quiles via Meetup App

As an Android-only dev shop, Touchlab is proud that our founder Kevin runs the number one Android get-together in New York. With 1200+ incredible members and 26 awesome events behind us, the monthly New York Android Developers Meetup is the place where the best Android developers in the New York Tech scene (and their fans) come together.

With your help, we’re looking to make it even bigger and badder. We’re looking for a smart, friendly, and organized leader type who is passionate about New York’s tech scene and interested in event planning and business development to take the helm, manage the event and help us continue to improve the meetup.

3 reasons we’re hiring:

  1. The meetup is amazing, and with all the growth Touchlab is experiencing, Kevin can’t always give the meetup the time it needs
  2. The Android community is amazing, and we feel a responsibility to invest in making the meetup the best it can be
  3. Our sponsors are amazing, and they want to offer value to the community; we want to help them do that in the best possible ways
  4. There’s a top-secret fourth one (it’s at the bottom)

Here’s the basics of what we’re looking for:

  • You’re an recent grad or career-changer and want to get your foot in the door of the New York Tech scene, but you’re not a developer and haven’t yet launched your first world-changing startup.
  • You’re organized. No seriously, you’re crazy organized and you really love the whole “being organized” way of life.
  • When you go to a meetup or a conference, you look around and think things like “why didn’t they get xyz company to sponsor, they would’ve been great?” and “wow, a little extra effort and they could’ve made this way more awesome by doing xyz

Sound interesting? Read the details below and then get in touch with us. By the way, it never hurts to be introduced by someone who’s a mutual friend.

The Gig:

  • Paid (as in not an un-paid internship).
  • Perfect for a recent grad or career changer who is passionate about New York’s tech scene and interested in business development, event planning, and community management.
  • To start, we’ll need you for 5 to 10 hours per week, and up to 20 the week before the meetup.
  • For the most part, where and when you work will be up to you.

The Responsibilities:

  • Booking some of the biggest names in the Android scene (past speakers include Chris Haseman of Tumblr and Google’s Roman Nurik)
  • Planning and executing meetup logistics (from securing space to ordering food)
  • Dreaming up exciting spin-off events based on the NYC Android community’s needs
  • MC-ing each meetup
  • Collaborating with existing sponsors to arrange prizes and promotions (previous sponsors include Google, HTC, New Work City, and Amplify)
  • Leveraging Touchlab’s connections to form relationships with new sponsors
  • Managing the Meetup page and communicating with members
  • Collaborating with Touchlab’s agency NoFancyName to develop promotion strategies

Sound good? We’d love to hear from you! Please email us, briefly tell us a little something about yourself (LinkedIn profile, blog links, previous events you’ve run, favorite whiskey, things like that) and give us a few sentences about why you’re interested in the NY tech scene and this gig in particular.

Shh…the top secret fourth reason. Keep this between you and me, but with the growth at Touchlab, we’re going to be hiring a BizDev type who knows the community well sometime in 2014. We’d definitely consider someone who’d worked with us as say, a part-time event coordinator, to be a very strong candidate.