On the Touch Lab blog last week we shared that the New York Android Developers Meetup is getting to be too much for awesome Kevin to handle alone, and that we’re looking for a (paid) Part Time Event Coordinator to help make the meetup bigger and badder than ever. While we can’t wait to get the right person on board and let them loose, there’s another equally important thing to consider. What does the community want to see happen with the Android Developers Meetup?

At last night’s meetup we had two great presentations on a collection of image download/cache tools, one by our very own Dave Redding and the other by Matt Spitz. After the demos we took advantage of the fact that we had some of the smartest minds in New York in the room and we hacked the meetup.

With just a few minutes of brainstorming with the community we came up with a few dozen ideas, some good and some great. Even while we’re looking for the Event Coordinator to take the meetup to the next level, we’re going to start filtering through the ideas the community generated and find ways to implement some of them.

If you missed it, here’s a random sampling of some fun ones:

  • Open source community projects and solving day to day problems that Android developers struggle with
  • Ping Pong Tournament at a Beer Garden with prizes
  • Google Glass Hackathon
  • Building an Android game show with mobile devices and tablets
  • What’s new in KitKat?
  • Bacon?
  • Discovering new UI patterns
  • In app marketing and how to monetize apps

What are your ideas? We’d love to hear your feedback on how to make NY’s best Android Meetup even better.


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