When Google kicks off their annual I/O conference with a three hour keynote, you know there’s a lot in store for Android. The Touch Lab team and I attended the I/O Extended New York event at Google headquarters. We left with lasting impressions of Android’s next chapter – not only what it means for us as an Android consulting shop in the Silicon Alley, but also for our everyday lives as software and hardware consumers.

Kevin, our Touch Lab president/meetup organizer, surmised that Android is apparently (or will be) everywhere now: cars, wrists, faces, pockets, living rooms. He noted, “The design changes in Android L are extensive. We’ll take a while to digest the changes, but our designer here is super excited. These changes will also make Android a viable web app platform.”

If you’d like to hear more about Android L, come to our July 24th meetup at Meetup. We’ll have speakers share their thoughts, like Mikhail, one of our Android developers here. He’ll do a review of I/O and new features as it pertains to Android. There’ll be at least 1-2 other speakers, so RSVP on our meetup page. If you’d like to speak, get in touch with us.

After I/O Extended ended, we headed to New Work City to prepare for our “Sorry You’re Not At Google I/O” party. Attendees mingled over wings, pizza and drinks and viewed I/O recaps. In his welcome, Kevin shared a few thoughts about the keynote and also announced the latest developments for Droidcon NYC!

Prepare for the first North American Droidcon at the Metropolitan Pavilion on September 20-21, 2014. Our website’s officially launching soon, but for now get in touch if you’d like to get involved as volunteers or collaborate as sponsors.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors, Phil & Kirsten at FieldLens and Brian & Joe at The New York Times. The party wouldn’t have been possible without them. See you on July 24th at our “What’s New in Android L” meetup at Meetup headquarters!

Operations, Touch Lab
Co-organizer, NY Android Developers Meetup