With all the new changes and enhancements coming with Android L, we were super excited to host our July meetup at Meetup headquarters in NoHo. Kevin, meetup organizer and Touch Lab founder/president, kicked off the night with big announcements about the first group of Droidcon NYC speakers and talks. They include some of our favorite meetup speakers, such as Mark Murphy (CommonsWare), Ray Ryan (Square), and Kevin Grant (Tumblr). We have a limited number of discounted tickets, so get your early bird tickets before it closes!

The night’s talks quickly started after greetings from Michael, our host at Meetup, and Silviu from Moxtra. Silviu gave the group a quick presentation on the Moxtra SDK and how it brings engagement to mobile and web apps.

Chuck (from Mapzen), Mikhail, Paddy, Dario (HTC) and Arun (Google) showed different aspects of Android L, such as the recents screen, prioritized notifications, debugging tool improvements, and battery monitoring tools. For more details on talks, head over to Elliot’s New York Tech Talk Summaries blog to see his comprehensive notes.

The crowd then moved onwards to our afterparty, which was generously sponsored by Moxtra. We had a huge turnout at Puck Fair and enjoyed all the conversations around Droidcon NYC over drinks and some unforgettable sliders.

Make sure you RSVP for our end of summer meetup/2000 members bash on Wednesday, August 27 at Midtown Loft and Terrace, sponsored by StartApp.

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Operations, Touch Lab
Co-organizer, NY Android Developers Meetup & Droidcon NYC