Today our own Kevin & Jeff were honored with an Android Influencers profile on Greenbot.

Remember back when Android wasn’t the dominant mobile operating system it is today? Those were dark times, if only because the industry wasn’t as diverse as it is now. Back then there wasn’t as much choice in the smartphone world. You were either an early adopter of the Android platform, an iPhone user, or still flipping open a dumbphone somewhere.

But now Android is overcome with options thanks to the proliferation of apps in the Google Play Store. With the help of development shops like Touch Lab, the number of apps available for Android has grown exponentially throughout the years. It certainly helps that Kevin Galligan, President of Touch Lab, and Jeff Namnum, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, have been such active members in the Android community, too.

Galligan and Namnum’s business focuses specifically on bringing more applications to the Android platform, whether it’s through porting one from iOS or developing it from scratch. We had a lengthy conversation about what it’s like to develop an Android app and some of the challenges of being in this particular business. Galligan and Namnum also spoke briefly about Droidcon 2015, which is happening later this summer in New York City.