Photo courtesy of @amha Photo courtesy of @amha

Happy 2016! We kicked off a new year of Android meetups at WeWork Chelsea last Thursday. We’re pretty sure we broke some records at the rate that pizza disappeared and seats filled up.

Igor, Software Engineer at WeWork, was our first speaker of the night, right after giving his host welcome. He walked us through a deep dive on the Android Support Design Library, showing all the new layouts, toolbars, custom behaviors for views, and buttons. Igor’s best tip: “You should call setTitle() on the CollapsingToolbarLayout, rather than on the Toolbar itself.” Igor’s slides can be found here.

Lisa Neigut, Android Engineer at Electric Objects, then took us on a comprehensive run through debugging: types of errors, ways to handle them, tools, and key things to keep in mind. She asked devs if their classes thread were safe. What are the network conditions? She also reminded us that Android itself has bugs, and that sometimes certain devices (ahem, Samsung) may be buggier. Remember, “A bug is a future you did not consider.” Lisa’s slides are here.

Photo courtesy of @alizinha  Photo courtesy of @alizinha

The best question of the night? Someone asked Igor, “What’s the best way of animating kitten gifs into the toolbar?”

It was a great turnout for a cold evening. A handful of us finished the night off at Peter McManus Cafe afterwards, celebrating our very own Izzy Oji’s birthday 🙂

Many thanks to Igor for hosting/speaking, Lisa @niftynei for speaking, and @WeWork for your lovely space and refreshments! See you February 9th at American Express. We’ll have talks from Lisa Wray and Annyce Davis.