If you install the Droidcon NYC iOS app, you’ll notice it’s a conference for sad puppies.

We had tried to release an iOS for the conference to the app store, and Apple rejected it because it said “Android”, and there was a little Android guy in the onboarding flow. I quickly whipped together another version, addressing the “issue” in a ridiculous way, assuming that would also be rejected. It was not.

All the little Android guy pics were covered with the sad puppy, and all instances of “Android” were replaced with “[Sad Puppy]”. The original was “not appropriate” for the app store, but apparently stupid jokes are fine.

Since they didn’t reject it, I really do wish I had put a little more effort into the joke, but it is what it is.

Why an iPhone app for an Android conference? We’re putting out a toolset on top of j2objc to facilitate cross platform development. Read about it/kick the tires. If you’re an Android dev, the short version is the UI is native ios, but everything under the hood is “Android”. As in, that iOS app uses SqliteDatabase, retrofit, gson, etc.