Hello West Coast! The touchlab team flew west for Droidcon San Francisco. (Very necessary visual below, thanks Liam 😄)

After months of coordinating the talks and content, we got to see the conference in full swing. Big thanks and congrats to Apps4All for putting together a successful event. It was a nice change of pace for us to be able to attend a Droidcon in America that wasn’t ours to organize. 😎

Also, a HUGE thank you to Kevin + Jeff for taking the whole team out. We had too much fun #teamlove

Here’s a photo retelling of our adventure:

Some touchlabbers went straight to In-N-Out from the airport, luggage and all. #priorities

Lending a hand with setup / getting our workout in…

Pre-party with speakers and sponsors, so fun to hang with Android community friends on the other side of the country.

Day 1, Keynote with Chet Haase + Romain Guy, they’re too funny together.

Here’s the full keynote:

Attendees were out in full force taking advantage of the talks & fun. 

Cloud Spin at a Droidcon again! This never gets old. 

Check out their Twitter for more pics.

Got to hang out with sponsor friends, some old, some new!

Speechless happened and it was hilarious. 

“There are 350 PowerPoint presentations given every second around the world. But none quite like this. Speechless shows off Silicon Valley’s silly side by letting presenters live out their worst nightmare: giving a presentation with absolutely no preparation.”

Our Lead Designer, Liam Spradlin, brought his novel new concept of Mutative Design to the main stage. Go Liam, he rocked it per usual. 🙌

Read more about Mutative Design.

And here we are! Watching Liam’s talk, front row & center.

All in all, we found San Francisco to be a gross and dangerous place that you should visit with caution. 😎

Thanks for the sunny days SF ☀️

Check out the full Droidcon SF album here.