The American Express headquarters may seem far to some, but it was no big deal for the 100+ developers who came out for our February meetup. We helped ourselves to pizza and refreshments before kicking back and relaxing in the cushy auditorium.

Andrew Orobator presented his talk, “The Guide to Becoming a Well-Rounded Android Developer.” He shared his thoughts on what it takes to become a well-rounded Android developer, revealing productivity tips, UX advice, and more. Andrew advises, “My one takeaway for boosting Android Productivity is to optimize the hot path. If you recognize yourself doing the same task over and over, see if you can find a way to make that task more efficient.” His slides can be found here.

Matt Davis gave his talk, “The Taming of Camera2, a Talk in 3 Apps.” He walked through three social apps (Beme, Exit Poll Live, and Fliq) and used them as case studies to show what it takes to build a camera-centric experience.  He covered the best starting points with existing sample projects, UX tips, live streaming, and how to think outside of the box to create exciting features. (If they’re available to share, Matt’s slides will be linked here later.)

After the exciting talks, those with energy left to Lily O’Brien’s for the afterparty. I personally was beat and headed home – but got to stroll through the amazing Oculus for the first time!

Hope everyone had a good time at AMEX – we’ll see you March 22 at Facebook 🙂