We’ve always had great turnouts for our meetups, but our most recent one drew an official headcount of 204 members! Maybe it was the talks, smooth check-in process, or maybe even the pizza? Whatever it was, thanks for helping us ring in a new year of meetups with a spectacular crowd!

The recorded meetup is now up on the touchlab channel, so check them out if you couldn’t join us. Read on for Ben, Igor and Hendri’s tips for the group below, along with links to their slides (if provided).

Ben’s tip for Fingerprint Authentication, slides here.
“The Material Design spec has a section on fingerprint — be sure to read it while plotting out the fingerprint flows in your app.  There’s some helpful information on how to design the UI, but it goes a lot further than that. You’ll discover that the spec also discusses some of the use cases where you’ll be interacting with some of the API-related code we looked at during the talk, too!”

Hendri’s tip for handling offline on your app:
“Think about how your app would function without connectivity from day one.”

Igor’s tip for Annotations, slides here.
“Annotations are extremely powerful, every Android developer should know how they work and although creating your own custom annotations can be challenging, they can result in much cleaner code and great productivity increase.”

See you at AMEX for our February meetup! We’ll have talks on Camera2 and tips/tricks on becoming a successful Android developer 🙂