For April, we welcomed Vimeo to our family of awesome meetup hosts! We thoroughly enjoyed their space, swanky arm chairs, and of course, sandwiches and pizza. Be sure to check out their Android app, DayTripper, which came out of a recent hackathon.

Kyle Venn from the Vimeo team talked about ExoPlayer 2.0. When asked about tips for our group, Kyle suggested: “Number one tip: make sure you understand how ExoPlayer works before trying to customize it (or even before using it). If you don’t need ExoPlayer’s customizability, then maybe MediaPlayer is better fit. If you decide that ExoPlayer is right for the job, be careful not to only copy and paste code from the official sample app. I’d highly suggest thinking through the architecture of your use case beforehand and understanding what each piece of the ExoPlayer initialization code does.

The second tip would be to look at the issue tracker on the ExoPlayer GitHub since it’s an amazing resource for learning more about the library.” Check out Kyle’s slides and watch his talk down below.

John Rodriguez with the Square team helped us brush up on Lint. His tips for people interested in Lint are:

  1. Join the lint-dev group here!
  2. Read the Android source for great examples!

You can view his slides here and watch his talk right here:

Thanks to Michael, Kate, Gabriella, and Melissa for helping us coordinate. See you next month at SeatGeek!