For our June meetup, we reconvened at Button’s new event space. Our members were treated to talks in a sunlit room and a balcony overlooking 23rd Street. Kevin, meetup organizer and touchlab president, announced the launch of Doppl: the cross-platform project he’s been working hard on for the last year. Things are happening, people!

Tyler, developer evangelist at Button, also gave opening remarks and threw a few shirts into the crowd, waking us up from post-pizza coma. He demo’ed the placement of a Button on his laptop with five-percent battery remaining, just in the nick of time.

(What’s Button? It allows you to add features and services from the most popular apps with a few lines of code to your iOS, Android, or mobile website in the form of a tappable Button. Check them out at and

After Tyler’s quick demo, Liam unpacked details around UI navigation while Chuck showed how Architecture Components could be leveraged for maintainable, flexible code (slides). Their top tips:

“The new Architecture Components library can help eliminate much of the boilerplate and complexity required to implement clean codebases and elegant applications.” – Chuck

“Don’t be afraid of using bottom nav on Android. Just make sure you use it in a way that’s platform-aware.” – Liam

We hope everyone enjoyed our first summer meetup. See you at iHeartRadio on July 13!