Our August meetup was at none other than Meetup itself! We were welcomed at the door with lots of great meetup swag and then headed right to the food and drinks- Meetup sure knows how to host a meetup.

Kevin Galligan, organizer of the NY Android Developer meetup and president of Touchlab, shared the latest on Doppl code sharing and how he’s been using it to update the Droidcon app.  You can view his slides here.

Next up was Priya from the Couchbase team (our August sponsor)! She spoke about the benefits of using NoSQL as an embedded database on mobile platforms. We even got a preview of Couchbase Lite 2.0! Check out her presentation.

“If you are looking for alternatives to SQLite for local data storage in your Android app, then Couchbase Mobile’s JSON Document style NoSQL database is an option worth exploring.”

— Priya Rajagopal

Our next meetup won’t be until October- but we hope to see everyone at Droidcon this month. Get your tickets here.

Thanks to Couchbase for sponsoring us this month.   Thanks to Couchbase for sponsoring us this month.