· 1 min read Posted by Kevin Galligan

Kotlin WASM: The Web After Javascript

Web Assembly (WASM) has long held promise to open up web technology beyond the confines of Javascript and strict web APIs. The progress of WASM tech has accelerated in recent years, and Kotlin's new WASM support is improving rapidly.

The road to being able to ship real apps with WASM has been a long one. It has perpetually felt like it was “right around the corner”. In the past couple years, however, it seems like we are finally arriving.

With the addition of multithreading and garbage collection in the WASM stack, Kotlin is poised to be one of the major languages for WASM development. This will be game-changing on both the client and server side. Coupled with the portable nature of KMP, Kotlin and WASM will change the way digital products are built and shipped.

We will be posting ongoing news around Kotlin and WASM development. Today’s link is to a great post by our friend Sam Edwards.

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