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Google I/O 2024: Kotlin Multiplatform at Google Scale!

Big News from Google I/O! Android is officially supporting Kotlin Multiplatform. The announcement includes a shout out to SKIE, first-class tooling and library support, and official recommendations for using KMP.

Here’s what’s hot off the press:

💡 SKIE: Superior iOS DevEx in KMP right now

Google’s Shoutout:

  • Spotlight on SKIE: Google’s shouting out SKIE is huge: they only highlighted 3 libraries not produced by Google or Kotlin.
  • iOS Made Easy: Modern types and coroutines on iOS? SKIE’s got you covered. In fact, SKIE is packed with features that make Kotlin Multiplatform frameworks feel like native Swift.

Why It Matters:

  • Developer Delight: While our friends at Kotlin continue to work on language level interop, SKIE gives you a superior iOS developer experience right now.

🚀 First-Class Support

What’s New:

  • Officially Supported: Google is making Kotlin Multiplatform a first-class citizen on Android. They now recommend Kotlin Multiplatform to share business logic across platforms.
  • Library Love: Jetpack libraries like DataStore now support KMP. And guess what? Room is joining the party too, currently in alpha!

Why It Matters:

  • Streamline Development: Unified libraries mean less duplicated code and more streamlined development across Android, iOS, and Web.

📱 Google Docs Goes KMP

What’s New:

  • Cross-Platform Evolution: Google Docs now uses KMP for shared business logic. Android, iOS, and Web are now more unified than ever.
  • More to Come: The Workspace team is all-in, planning to extend KMP across their entire app suite.

Why It Matters:

  • Real-World Validation: If KMP is ready for Google scale, it’s ready for your app.

🎉 What’s Next?

For Developers:

  • Check out Google’s announcements: Dive into their announcements and see how KMP can transform your projects.
  • Learn more about SKIE: Listen to Google. If you’re adopting KMP, you should be adopting SKIE.

For Teams:

  • Learn about KMP at (Google-like) Scale: Since 2019, Touchlab’s been helping our clients put KMP in production for millions of users. Learn more.

The Bottom Line

Google’s latest announcements are a game-changer for Kotlin Multiplatform (and for Touchlab and SKIE). We’re pumped to see KMP take center stage and can’t wait to help you harness its full potential.