Welcome to episode #2 of A Touch of Multiplatform (ATOM)! This is our new podcast dedicated to Kotlin Multiplatform technology in production and produced for you by JetBrains and Touchlab. 

In this episode, we sit down to talk with Jake Wharton and Jesse Wilson from Cash App about “weird and ambitious multiplatform things.” Join us in a conversation that ranges from work set-ups and music choice while coding to the recent KMM Beta and writing better shared APIs for iOS consumers to unique projects Jake and Jesse are currently involved with.



Meet our amazing hosts and guests

Hosts: Pamela Hill and Justin Mancinelli 

Guests: Jake Wharton and Jesse Wilson

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Time Stamps

0:14 – Intros

2:00 – Hardware Setup

3:07 – Coding with music

5:36 – Productivity hacks

9:37 – Keeping up with new tech in general

13:10 – Getting started with mobile

16:30 – Coding iOS as Android devs

18:33 – CashApp’s Kotlin Multiplatform journey

23:00 – Keeping up with Kotlin Multiplatform

26:00 – Advice to devs getting started with KMM

28:34 – What KMM going Beta means to you

31:33 – Multiplatform Jetpack using Multiplatform Okio

33:40 – What would you like to see in the KMM Stable release?

39:57 – Learning about iOS and Swift for better KMM code

43:03 – Writing better shared APIs for iOS consumers

46:42 – Convincing the skeptics to give KMM a try

51:56 – What KMM libraries do you see yourself coming back to?

54:52 – What is missing from the KMM ecosystem?

56:51 – Project Redwood and Zipline

1:01:50 – Sneak peeks into new stuff


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