Welcome to episode 3 of A Touch of Multiplatform (ATOM)! This is our podcast dedicated to Kotlin Multiplatform technology in production and produced for you by JetBrains and Touchlab. In this episode, we sit down to talk with Lutron’s Maxwell Anselm about going from being a KMM skeptic to a KMM convert. Our wide-ranging conversation covers everything from tea preferences to how Lutron, a leader in the luxury smart lighting industry, evaluated, adopted, and scaled KMM to meet their needs.


Meet our amazing hosts and guest

Hosts Pamela Hill and Justin Mancinelli 

Guest Maxwell Anselm from Lutron

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro

3:51 Lutron

5:50 Team structure

6:50 – Starting to use Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

10:00 – Lutron’s journey with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

15:36 – Learning from failure

17:36 – Limiting or freeing?

19:21 – Convincing iOS developers

22:07 – Speeding up learning from Swift to Kotlin

24:30 – Objective-C / Kotlin interop

26:27 – Expect/actuals vs interfaces

27:54 – CI/CD pipelines

29:50 – Gradle blues

34:17 – Xcode

36:16 – Compose on iOS

38:55 – What’s missing from the ecosystem?

40:55 – Stable

43:07 – New memory model


Resources Mentioned:

Swift is like Kotlin

The Problem with Gradle

Gradle Fundamentals – YouTube

Droidcon NYC iOS app with Compose

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Is in Beta – Start Using It Now!


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