Author: Touchlab

App Data Encryption

We’re working on an app that requires local data to be encrypted.  Till now, the solution has been using the username/password combo to be the ultimate source of the encryption key (I’ll spare you the process of going from u/p...

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Data Synchronization

I haven’t been blogging much.  I suffer from what we’ve termed the “Great American Post Syndrome” (GAPS).  That is, every blog post needs to be the best piece of technical literature ever written, so you actually never post...

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Boot Camp

We’ve been throwing around the idea a “boot camp” for advanced Android for a while now.  Its been slowly brewing, but its time to pull it together. We’re making a list of topics that a serious Android developer should be...

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Working At Touch Lab

We are looking to have several great developers join our team over here at Touch Lab.  We have a couple big projects coming up, and a few smaller startup apps, so we need to add some people to the team. What’s it like working...

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Sharing Knowledge

Lazyweb, I want something for Christmas.  You gave me nothing except cute dog pics, which I appreciate, but would like something more. I want a simple way to share knowledge picked up in quick chats and code reviews....

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