Author: Touchlab

Working At Touch Lab

We are looking to have several great developers join our team over here at Touch Lab.  We have a couple big projects coming up, and a few smaller startup apps, so we need to add some people to the team. What’s it like working...

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Sharing Knowledge

Lazyweb, I want something for Christmas.  You gave me nothing except cute dog pics, which I appreciate, but would like something more. I want a simple way to share knowledge picked up in quick chats and code reviews....

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Announcing Wejit!

This is a rough draft post.  Will update in a bit, but wanted to get this out asap… Today we’re putting Wejit into public beta.  What’s a Wejit?  A Wejit is a widget you can put on your Android phone’s home screen.  Pictures go...

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Training: SQLite

A little intro.  The path of Android feels a lot like the path of web, rolled back about 10 years.  When the web first rolled up, databases were weird, clunky, proprietary, and expensive.  Most web apps would try to use files,...

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