Author: Touchlab

Training: SQLite

A little intro.  The path of Android feels a lot like the path of web, rolled back about 10 years.  When the web first rolled up, databases were weird, clunky, proprietary, and expensive.  Most web apps would try to use files,...

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Taking a pic without the SD card

It seems like people seriously freak out when you want SD card access.  I’m not 100% sure what’s up with that, but I’ve seen a whole lot of 1 star reviews for nothing more than requesting SD card access. Generally, the big thing...

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HTML5 Revisited

Back in my original blast of HTML5 as an app environment, one of the things I pointed out is that WebOS was built on HTML5, and that seemed to work out fine for everybody (technically.  Business, not so much). It looks like...

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