Author: Kevin Galligan

The First 48. Droidcon NYC Stats & Hotel Info Inside

Almost the first 48 hours. 

Each year Droidcon NYC has increased in popularity, and this year is no exception. Talk submissions so far are about twice what they were in 2015 (which means probably 4x 2014, but I haven’t looked).  To improve the overall content, we’re going to figure out a way to communicate what types of topics have been submitted, and hopefully a way to get suggestions from the community.

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How To (And How Not To) Hire a Developer

I’ve been programming professionally for almost 20 years, and have been on both sides of the hiring/interviewing table for the last 15 or so. I wrote about this for Mashable a while back. Currently I’m President of touchlab, NYC’s Android dev & design shop; and run the Android NYC meetup and Android conference, Droidcon NYC.  

Although there might be small tips and tricks that will nudge the percent viewed on your email sends, all of that is basically laughed at on the developer end. Recruiting emails with “catchy” subjects and salesy pitches are a running joke in the technical community. There’s been discussion of going to interviews dressed as ninjas and rockstars just for fun.  

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One Click Signup Form

This will be quick.  I plan grand blog posts that never get written, but this one will be short, because my suggestion is simple, and if you have a sign up form in your app, this will get more users past it. Sign up forms make me cringe. When I get to one, in almost all cases, they miss a chance to make things easy on the user.  Sometimes many chances.

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Offline Syncing

I will prep this post by saying the obvious to anybody who’s had to do it.  Offline operation with data syncing is difficult.  By order of difficulty, apps and data generally go like this: 1) Offline only.  No server...

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Data Synchronization


There are topics for which I claim to be an expert.  This is not one of them.  I say this because its one of those things that doesn’t seem to have a fully graspable scope.  I’d say I’m somewhat of an expert on SQLite and Android.  Its easy to say that because there are a limited number of topics about which one might care about, and if there’s something specific that needs research, you can kind of “dig it out” and test it.

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