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5 things I did in McLean, Virginia this weekend (Android Summit recap)

Last Thursday, I flew to McLean, Virginia for Android Summit, a two day conference + hackathon sponsored by Capital One, benefitting Women Who Code.

I was invited to Android Summit to give a talk about mutative design, and to coincide with the event I released a new post on Project Phoebe, answering more questions about how mutative design will work and announcing Helios, a new tool for researching mutative patterns.

Now that I’m back, I wanted to post a quick listicle about what I did during my trip.

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Designing ResearchStack’s open source UX framework

In the fall of 2015, touchlab partnered with Cornell Tech and Open mHealth to bring precise medical research apps to Android with an open source sdk and ux framework called ResearchStack.

Executing this project would be unlike most projects – rather than designing one experience and interface for a single product, we would be designing and building an extensible framework, with designs covering many potential bits and pieces researchers and developers might need to carry out medical research on Android.

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