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Are you looking for the best cross platform mobile app development company? Then look no further. Our services are designed to: 

– ⬆️ feature parity while ⬇️duplicative engineering efforts across Android and iOS

– Accelerate feature development and future-proof business logic 

– Craft low-risk programs for engineering managers to introduce and scale KMP 

-Improve developer recruitment and retention

We’re recognized by JetBrains and the leading KMP practitioners as the global experts in cross-platform app development & consultancy services.

We regularly publish content that grows the Kotlin Multiplatform global community and our R&D efforts in Kotlin Multiplatform introduce new engineering advancements to the ecosystem.

We designed a KMM starter project to get you running on Android & iOS quickly.

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The future of cross-platform app & software development is Kotlin Multiplatform.

But what is Kotlin Multiplatform?

Touchlab helps your mobile engineering team ship features faster, increase efficiency, and future-proof products and processes. But let’s start at the beginning. 

Here is a precise definition of what Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) is: 

Optional, natively-integrated, open-source code sharing platform, based on the popular, modern language, Kotlin.

Kotlin Multiplatform facilities non-UI logic availability on many platforms

Companies currently using Kotlin Multiplatform in production include Square, VMware, Careem, and QuizUp. 

Language matters. Read our thoughts on differences between the terms, cross-platform and multiplatform.  

Why chose Kotlin Multiplatform

for your next project?


Now that you have an understanding of what Kotlin Multiplatform is, let’s take a look at why you must consider KMP for your next cross-platform software development project. 


Traditional Mobile App Development

Same app, different code. The question is, “Why?

Development teams are essentially tripling (web, iOS, & Android) their coding and testing efforts to ensure multiplatform coverage, which is:

1. Costly.
2. Time-consuming.
3. And – this might be the craziest part – it’s uncertain what the shelf-life of the code will be. As we know, the future is unwritten.

As always, the goal is to be able to build digital products more efficiently, and with better testing across platforms. And up to now, every cross-platform app development solution that has come along really hasn’t worked that well.



The Kotlin Multiplatform Way – low risk and optional 

We at Touchlab believe Kotlin Multiplatform is the tech stack of the future. For many platforms, but especially for native mobile.

While we’ve completed comparisons of different cross-platform app development solutions (like Flutter, React Native and Xamarin), we actually believe Kotlin Multiplatform is in a league of its own because it’s not an all-or-nothing cross-platform mobile app development solution.

However, if you’re currently


cross-platform app development solutions

we recommend these resources to learn how we evaluate Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) against React Native, Xamarin and Flutter: 

Evaluating Multiplatform Frameworks Webinar

Hosted by Touchlab Dir. Project Strategy

Optional means the tech [KMP] is designed to be used along with the native tech. Most cross-platform app development frameworks allow you to integrate them into existing apps, but are generally not designed to make that easy. “Possible” is not the same as “actively designed for”.

Kevin Galligan

If you’re an engineering manager in charge of


(and ultimately picking) a cross-platform app development solution

we recommend you read Kevin’s thoughts on managing risk in the selection process of a multiplatform solution you’ll ultimately be responsbile for successfully operationalizing.

More from Kevin

“The optional sharing nature means it is easy to integrate KMP into your existing apps. You can add code incrementally, and critically, if some shared code isn’t performing as expected, you can “just code it natively” without any major issues. The optional sharing nature makes KMP low-risk.”


Several leading engineering orgs currently use KMP in production.

(Square is one of them)

Square announced its development team’s commitment to KMP early in 2019 and is now working with Touchlab to develop for both Android and iOS with KMP. 

Their goal is to use the same vocabulary for both platforms, and in the process, create a single, cohesive development team that will be able to code once with no duplication.

To introduce this new approach, and to help ensure a smooth transition, their iOS and Android engineers are code reviewing each other’s work and looking for opportunities to align architectures. You can read Square’s announcement about our partnership here

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Thriving Community – Kotlin Multiplatform is popular

There’s a groundswell of enthusiastic support in developer communities around the world and as the Kotlin Multiplatform experts, Touchlab is at the heart of this:

1. There are 1.5 million developers currently using Kotlin
96,000 GitHub repositories containing 100 million lines of code. And the numbers keep growing.
2. It’s one of the top two languages that developers are hungry to learn.

Respected technology analyst, O’Reilly writes about Kotlin’s prospects in 2020, “Expect to see Kotlin continue its impressive growth—and not just in Android.”

Source: O’Reilly Media – “Where programming languages are headed in 2020″

Simply put, Kotlin is more readable, reusable, interoperable, and safer, offering a first-rate developer experience.

Our Kotlin Multiplatform app development consultancy services are geared around truly understanding your customers and user base.

Experts in Kotlin Multiplatform

and cross-platform mobile development services

Over the last two years, we’ve invested in becoming the Kotlin Multiplatform experts.  Here’s a snapshot of our best cross-platform mobile development client partnerships:

Square / Cash App

Partnering with Square on Kotlin Multiplatform to give their developers the ability to deliver on both platforms 

Pizza Hut

Leveraging code sharing to build for both Android and iOS in the same time as just developing the Android version 


Accelerating the organization’s modernization efforts by using KMP to deliver to Android and iOS


Successfully guiding the organization on how to get started with KMP for their internal pilot / exploration 

Kotlin Multiplatform Consulting Services

The Touchlab Refactory

The Touchlab Refactory is incremental mobile code refactoring with Kotlin Multiplatform. Better code – Better test coverage – Better architecture.

Innovation Audit

Decision making is a risky proposition for an engineering leader. We’ll help you mitigate some of that risk by building a view of your existing products, staff, and processes and helping you understand it in the context of the larger Kotlin Multiplatform engineering community.

Multiplatform Change Management

Mobile engineers deeply identify with their chosen platform (iOS or Android) and implementing a transformative app development plan to move the team into a post-platform future brings unique challenges.

Kotlin Multiplatform FOr Cross-Platform App Development

We’ve worked with some partners to build their very first mobile product ever and we’ve worked with some to completely reinvent their product for a new platform, a new user base, or a new profit goal. If you want to create something amazing, get in touch.

Introducing our Newest Service: The Touchlab Refactory

The Touchlab Refactory is incremental mobile code refactoring with Kotlin Multiplatform. 

– Better code

– Better test coverage

– Better architecture.

What is mobile code refactoring
with Kotlin Multiplatform? 

Kevin answers questions about The Touchlab Refactory, a new approach to mobile code refactoring for Engineering Managers. 

The Touchlab Refactory process

No large-scale rewrites.
No workflow disruptions.



Audit Current States

Understand Business Goals

Understand Engineering Goals


Dependency Mapping

Risk Analysis

Task Generation


Test Coverage

Architecture Effectiveness

Code Sharing


Technical Documentation

Outcome Report


A critical component of change management is elevating KMP from experiment to the new way of developing native mobile. We’re unique in that we source best practices from our network of clients and community organizations to operationalize KMP effectively and with reduced risk.

Kotlin Multiplatform for Cross-Platform App Development

Kotlin Multiplatform is a versatile mobile framework. It can accommodate diverse development needs including:
1. Building a new mobile product from scratch
2. Porting your Android or iOS-only app to the other platform
3. Increasing shared code between your existing Android and iOS app

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as Kotlin Multiplatform Experts

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