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Missed my daily post yesterday. Whoops.

We’re going through and updating Doppl libs and sample apps. J2ojbc updated to 2.0.4, which caused some minor incompatibilities with existing Objective-C code. That required a redeploy of a number of libraries.

Future versions will package the java directly in the dependencies rather than the translated code, but for the next few months, we’ll be working with 2.0.4 and locking down the libraries and versions.

Party Clicker is updated. See github.

I updated a bunch of the architecture code to actually use reactive features of Room DB. The tests aren’t updated yet, though. Just fyi.

Droidcon app update coming soon. Before end of week (ish).


We’ve had a lot of feedback on the technical preview. Next up on the todo list:

  • Finishing RxJava 2. It works, but needs some tweaks.
  • A little more work on Retrofit 2. Some error states don’t do the same thing as they do on Android.
  • After that, Xcode help. It’s difficult to manage for Android devs.
  • Gradle plugin needs some fixes. It does not do well with project dependencies. Also needs to handle Android library projects better. Can only deal with plain Java and Android Application modules. Compile failures can be difficult to find root cause.
  • In the middle, whenever Architecture Components get to v1 we’ll need to create an “official” version.
  • In the longer term, evaluating Kotlin as a potential alternate platform. They’ve been making a lot of progress, and many folks are working on Kotlin-only libraries, so should be viable in 1–2 years.