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We’ve been working with J2objc for over a year, and on the components that would ultimately become “Doppl” for much of that time. Until late last year, this was mostly an internal tool, but after some successes we decided this should be a “thing”.

Our “release” has been perpetually “soon”, and if I got to put everything I wanted in there, we could figure on 2019 or so. However, we want some feedback and maybe some library help, so it’s time to put it out there. The “technical preview”. The “Alpha”.

To be clear, the Gradle plugin, and to a lesser degree our extended Android library, is at an early stage. The underlying tech, J2objc, and much of the implemented libraries, are mature and functional. We actively produce production code for clients with the tools, as do others. You can build apps with this.

We have an extremely rough roadmap for the next few months. This is subject to change as feedback comes in. In summary form:

  • RxJava 2
  • Retrofit 2
  • Xcode framework packaging (Carthage, etc)
  • Okhttp
  • Full mockito support


These are non-trivial tasks, or we probably would’ve pushed on this release and done them. RxJava 2 is in process, though, and there’s traction on some of the other ones. Anyway ….

Check out the website. Join the Slack group, mailing list, follow the twitter, or just keep an eye on the Medium publication.

And, sure, hiring. Mostly looking for a mid/senior Android dev who wants to work with custom hardware, but also people who like the Doppl thing.

Then, of course, I should mention Droidcon NYC. CFP ends Sunday, July 9th at 11:59 pm. For the procrastinators.