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We’ve been super busy updating lots of stuff after Droidcon, and since nothing is ever really “done” I wanted to share a few big things:

The Droidcon 2017 app was approved by Apple without any issues this time. Changed dogs.

The code behind that app can be found at: Doppllib/DroidconDopplExample


There are a few important points related to that project. It’s constructed with a reactive architecture using RxJava 2 and Android Architecture components, running on iOS. Yesterday, we updated the Android Architecture components to RC1, which was recently released.

The Xcode side of Doppl’s build system has been greatly simplified. Your code and dependencies are all wrapped in an Xcode Framework that Swift can call. No bridging header or manual management.

See the Party Clicker Sample for a tutorialon building apps. That brings us to another piece of news. To help document and make the framework easier to use, we’re getting some expert assistance from Mark Murphy, author of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development.

Keep an eye on the Doppl website over the coming weeks, or sign up for the newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.